Online betting and gambling have increased in popularity over the past years. The industry has developed a number of different divisions which have peaked the interests of the general population. Online casinos have changed the way entertainment is experienced, with the ability to part take in the comfort of your own home and at your own leisure. Sports betting can also be undertaken online and has grown to include all kinds of sports including F1 racing. While this can also be experienced from the privacy of your home, it is directed more at those who are lovers of sports and follow the different sports religiously. The market is monopolised by casino online betting, however, F1 Online betting is increasing at a rapid pace.

Online Casino Betting

You have all experienced the thrill of entering a casino, the lights, sounds and the people. Games of all varieties are available for your entertainment and gaming pleasure. The downside to brick and mortar casinos is the need to dress up and leave home in order to experience them. Online casinos and betting have, through advanced technologies and website design, created an equally thrilling and exciting entertainment activity, the pleasure of which can be experienced wherever you are. The need to leave your front door in order to have some fun and relaxation is no longer a necessity.

F1 Racing Online Betting

Formula 1 racing is a sport that is not enjoyed by everybody and in order to bet effectively on such a sport, you need to at least have a basic knowledge of the racers, cars, teams, courses and rank standings. A lot to take in at once for a bet. As with any sports betting, knowledge is power. If you aren’t an avid follower of the industry, you can’t make choices based on information you have gained through watching the sport or keeping tabs on the racers. Chances of winning are greatly reduced in this instance. Visit a site like OddsChecker will leave you bewildered.

Online Gambling in South Africa

Generally speaking, all South African online casinos must meet the high levels in tems of licensing, reputation, security, software, winning chances and bonuses. The only difference compared to the other casinos is that these casinos are more South African-friendly and the main currency they use is South African Rand. However, players from many countries can join them.

All in all, rands casinos offer high level security, great customer support, high payout percentage, fast transactions, high quality software and games and attractive bonuses. Additionally, some offer live dealer games, a list of the latest free games as well as one of the top mobile casinos.

We give you a list of the best online casinos in South Africa along with the factors to consider when choosing one and its general characteristics.

We have done all the homework in ranking and valuating the best casinos and we have presented their credentials in a structured and easy-to-understand format. Hopefully this will help you with your choice.