Gugulethu Zulu or Gugu as he is fondly named was born in Soweto in South Africa in 1999. He took part in the Isondo Sports 2000 series after being selected as part of the development programme for youth. Gugu went on to win that event. It was from here that his career took flight. His passion and determination evident throughout the journey.

Where It All Began

In 2000, following the race win, Gugu drew the attention of Sarel Van Der Merwe, a racing legend in his own right. He proposed an offer that Gugu just couldn’t pass up, the opportunity to race in the Wesbank V8 Championship. At that stage, it was the fastest racing experience in the country with cars peaking at 300km/h. Gugu’s attentions were soon directed towards the dirt and in 2003 he to up position as a rally driver for Volkswagen Motorsport. His exploits had earned him the “fastest brother in Africa” title. The US called him in 2004 and an invitation to test cars for the Lenny Miller Nascar team was the perfect opportunity to explore single-seater racing. Although his performance was sterling and his ability to outrun some of the greats was evident, lack of sponsorship sent him on a trip home.

Return To South Africa

South African soil beneath his feet once more, Gugu focused on the South African National Rally Championships. Through his immense stamina and fitness achieved by taking part in a variety of endurance sports over the years and his aggressive racing streak, Gugu Zulu went on the achieve a prime podium position in 2007, 2009 and 2010. In 2016, Gugu once again took to circuit racing, taking part in the Global Touring Cars race, the chance to team up again with fellow racers from the Volkswagen Motorsport team. Even though he has departed, his legacy will always be a pwoerful reminder of his talent.