Magazines have been a source of reading and entertainment for many years, the only difference now is that many are available digitally. While some magazines are general celebrity gossip and local stories, others are niche magazines that can deal with anything from sports to animals and anything in between. The appeal of magazines is created by covers that have bold, interesting headlines splashed across them and photographs and colours that attract the eye. Obviously, once you flip the cover you expect to find interesting, informative articles that will find you at the back cover before you know it.

F1 Covers

Formula One magazines are a type of magazine that will attract only a certain market, however, that market is increasing daily. The keen F1 supporter will buy a magazine that reflects an interesting cover. That’s what hooks the attention. Headlines reflecting well-known names in the game and the promise of the inside scoop to any of the teams are a winner. Strategically placing international stars on the covers or the latest edition McClaren car, for instance, will reel your readers in. Everyone likes to have a handsome star achieving success.

F1 Content

Yes, many F1 magazines incorporate a huge number of pictures into their content. Pictures, in this sport, speak a thousand words and can tell you all you need to know about the upcoming season in racing. Content must be engaging and something that the readers want to know. Current and upcoming events must be covered and new angles are taken to create an interesting read. The South African audience want to know about local stars and events as well as international events that may be taking place on their shores. That doesn’t mean they have an interest in the international stars or events at all, it simply means they want to enjoy a good mix of the two.