Motosport, which includes F1 racing, is a sport that requires organisation and a tremendous amount of discipline to run smoothly and without hassle. The person in charge of it all is the Motorsport Manager who must stay abreast of everything that is happening within the team, as well as keep an open eye an ear for information of opposition teams. The role is one that requires an in-depth knowledge of the sport and a diplomacy to control the team with authority and understanding.

Qualifications and Qualities

Motorsports managers are required to be professionally qualified with a Diploma or Degree in marketing and business. The job is a high-pressure one that requires a level-headed and calm, rational thinking. Problem-solving abilities are paramount to running a team effectively. The ability to lead the team, encompassing the staff and drivers, is vital to success. Communication levels are expected to be superior. Teamwork is a priority if success is to be achieved. A competitive streak will push any manager to strive for bigger and better things from his team and that, in essence, is what motorsports require.

The Top Dog

The motorsport manager has the final say in any decisions regarding the team, the driver and the cars, a huge burden to shoulder. While those who head up the various departments do run their own operations as they answer to the management who gives the final approval. While praise may be forthcoming when the team is ahead of the pack, when the chips are down, the one in charge is the one who bears the brunt. Marketing is also a huge part of the role played by this kind of manager, he is the face of the team and the one that must effectively rake in the sponsorships for the team. A Jack of all trades of sorts, however, at a much more serious level.