As with any sport, associated clothing and apparel have flooded the market in a bid to attract the eager eye of racing fans. On race day alone, shirts, caps and other marketing items, emblazoned with team logos and sponsorships, are sold by the dozens. Everybody wants to support their team in any way they can, much the same as rugby or football supporters.

Comfort Reigns

Motorsport clothing has been designed for everyday wear. Tracksuits, t-shirts, anoraks and the like are casually worn to events or during your daily runabout of life. Comfort plays a big part in the sale of the clothing and that’s beside the fact that you don’t have to have a special occasion lined up to enjoy them. Many brands have jumped on board with the likes of Puma and BMW taking their share in a lucrative market. Many of these name brands throw huge sums of money at the sport in sponsorships, however, the make their pennies back through this kind of marketing and sales. There is money to be made in the industry and the fans are a lucrative part of that deal.

Gender and Age Non-Exclusive

Motorsports is often associated with male fans, however, in today’s modern world the audience is an equal mixture of men and women, young and old. Sponsors and brands have taken this into consideration, leaving no areas without treatment. Every fan wants to wear the cap the adorns the head of their hero and now you can. The brands that sponsor the racers or teams expect those members to promote their apparel and they wear it at every opportunity, while this boosts the name of the sponsor it also generates sales of phenomenal values each year. Racing season is upon you, it’s time for the fun to begin, dress up for the occasion and show your team support.